Entrance Categories:

Category A – Individual Poem – Grades 3 & 4

Violet Rand

“The Song of the Tap Shoes”

I see the blinding bright lights shining at me while I brilliantly tap dance. Hear my tap shoes tapping across the floor. Tipitty-tap, tip-tap.

I feel the sweat pouring off me as I excitedly tap, shuffle-hop­step.

l tap dance to a jazzy song, “Working at the car wash, at the car wash, yeah!”

Fulap-step, fulap-step, shuffle-hop-step, shuffle-hop-step.

See the glittering blue costumes, the silver buckets and shammies.

See the bright faces with shimmering eye shadow and lipstick.

Hear the crowd wildly clap, and someone proudly say,

“It was like a song, tippitty-tap, tip-tap.”


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Category B – Individual Poem – Grades 5 & 6


Kenny Silver

“Cat’s Lullaby”

I hear it in a cat’s purring.

A black cat curled up with its eyes closed, falling asleep.

From its chest comes a low rumble, a long, low continuous rumble.

The sound goes on for mere minutes before he falls asleep.

It seems like he is in a joyous mood.

If he wakes up, no purring at first, while he looks around, then slowly he starts to purr again.

A cat’s lullaby to put himself back to sleep.

When I was young, just a baby,

my big black cat would come curl up next to me and sing his own cat lullaby that would set me to sleep.

Even though it was a rumbling, it was a very soothing song.

Whether he was intentionally trying to sing me to sleep, l will never know.

Behind the purring there is a rhythmic beat, like the ocean’s waves coming in and out.

The purr sounds like a soft breeze or a gentle patter of rain.

No matter how long two cats purr next to each other, they won’t get in sync.

Each cat’s purr is his own tune.

To me, a cat’s lullaby is one of the most soothing sounds in the world and it makes me very happy, no matter what mood l am in.


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Category C – Individual Poem – Grades 7 & 8


Ashley Luo

“Golden Melodies”


An intricate song,

Fabricated with the many sounds of delight,

Lyrics composed of gold,

Radiating to the waiting ears,

Around the world and across the oceans,

Like the bright sun,

Beaming in the light sky,

Spreading warmth to people everywhere,

Filling  them with pleasure.


Songs trickle by,

Over green hills,

Down snow-capped mountainsides,

Weaving between branches,

ln the sea of green leaves.


Rising from clear water,

Flowing over smooth pebbles,

Spilling into the vast blue oceans,

Waves lapping in tempo,

Crashing against the jagged rocks of the bay.


Emerging from brightly colored feathered throats,

Perched upon the trees,

Foliage rustling,

From the song of the breeze.


Jubilant notes riding on the wind,

Reverberating in the steep valleys,

Meandering to golden fields of wheat,

Swaying and dancing in unison,

To the joyful resonances.


Intertwined with the voices,

Of friends, family and neighbors,

To simply appreciate,

The gift of music,

Of the bliss it can bring,

Like opened presents on Christmas morning,

To young and old,

Rich and poor,

People of all ethnicities,

To rejoice together,

With the animals, plants and nature,

The golden melodies of joy.

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Category D – Individual Poem – Grades 9 & 10


Jocelyn Cheng


For the newborn child

With small hands and a trusting grip

For the swells of a symphony

And the lights of a Broadway stage

For the triumphant slam of the door

Leaving the demon on the other side

And having the torture of sadness cease


For night skies filled with eternal light of silver stars

Broken solely by the arc of Apollo’s chariot

As it leads on the venerated sun

For the glory of the game

The soft smack of leather against nylon net


For arms that rise triumphantly

For savage yawps and warrior cries

For all the seasons on the Earth

For crimson poppies and sun colored marigolds

For quenching the thirst for life

For feasting off of mountaintops

Or reaching the depths of the ocean


For knowing who you are

The colors that made you

The scraps of cloth, blood, sound, and feeling that made you

For being conscious of your skin

For seeing light

And light leave

Then realizing your mortality


For being valiant in fighting battles

That have yet to be won

For shepherding the blind

In that kind way of yours

Until equality is doled doubtlessly


For watching cracks in the concrete

As they drain substance from the last storm

Hear the gush of rain in the sewer pipes


And for realizing you are part of something infinitely bigger

That whose titanic magnitude you will never comprehend

For the simple pleasure of knowing

You have made it thus far

And it will go on

And there shall be more.

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Category E – Individual Poem – Grades 11 & 12

Tianru Wang

“Magnificent Day”


O, to capture the birdsong of the morning!

To hold with infinite satisfaction the darting piping thrill of hummingbirds

They – who nestle in the earthy sweetness of neroli on citrus trees rich with fruit,

Who praise the silhouette of branches against a dusk sky

And, ever faithfully, still to perfect the tableau.


O, but to dwell eternally in the bright lights and bright laughter of an early evening!

The sun courts the sea at seven o’clock, but the teachers, the researchers and writers trail home earlier, showering in the sparks of achievement and scattering scintillas as they go.

The completion of day awakens relief, the progenitor of breathless joy.


O, the dreamer’s joys!

Night, velvet and gentle, the fabric upon which dreams are embroidered-

I remember your peace. Beautiful as the deliberate pause of an orchestra-

the third beat before the solo of Vivaldi’s Concerto in A minor-

enriching all that was before, and all that to be after.


O, to count the charms of the hours before dawn!

The city does not rest – the moon is mirrored behind kitchen windows,

planes cross stars overhead – yet primeval, pure solitude,

unilluminated with the light of day, glows in the darkness with the promise of silent miracles to come.


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Category K, Multi-Media

Tatianna Spotorno


 I run my tense fingers over the shining strings

Only I can hear the shy notes C G D A ringing quieter than a whisper

My right arm lifts the bow before I even think of it

I am prepared for what comes next


My hands move at the speed of this sound

This spirited song can almost play itself

The sweet music pours out from the cello- the extension of myself

l feel the deep vibrations within me- they travel from my head to my feet in an instant


l am only a witness to the sounds and feelings and emotions

Suddenly I feel free

What was once anxiety is now peace

There are numerous imperfections but the music created gives me joy, freedom, wisdom, a mythical emotion

I feel a strong sense of power, when in reality, l have none

As the music rolls along, my senses are focused solely on the little black notes

As though my life depended on it

The rest of the world is far from my mind when a song so intense touches the earth


The notes decelerate and my mind resurfaces as the overwhelming song draws to a close

The world is revived to its former state,

its bizarre condition before the provoking music happened

The song is complete but every beautiful note still floats through the quiet air


And echoes through my head.

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Category L, Individual Anthology

Crystal Huang

“Golden Concerto”

 From A Song of Joy:  An Anthology


A grand scheme of spotlights lit against the wooden stage blaring onto the entranced audience under the dimmed lights


Sound of the roaring waves under the moonlight, sound of birds flying to the third world Trumpets blaring, strings of french horns against flutes, tiny pixies of piccolos surrounding the stage


Tiny silver and bronze angels floating, rising, reaching through the theater, across the air into the hearts of those fortunate for the taste of rhythm


Rhythm to the loud, domineering sounds of the thundering skies to the tranquility of obscurity of forests worldwide in the palm of my hands


The loud bass, the lonely oboes, the flighty flutes , the piccolos, the saxophone and alto saxophone, the clarinets, e-flat, b-flat and e-flat alto-symphony of the heavens grounded by desire to spread its golden wings


Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone playing all round, summer, spring, winter and fall


The tuba, percussion, bells, drums, the lifting French horn – oh glorious, glorious indefinable beauty


An ethereal, heavenly ensemble transcendental forevermore




Rhapsody of heartbeats pumping simultaneously, rattling fingers, squeezed mouths, stomping feet,


Roving eyes from side to side to the nodding of heads in rhythm of the pounding, elevating, heightening-golden symphony


Lifting, soaring, ascending, controlling the innate conscious mind


Conscious of being induced to nothing, nothing but a puppet, a foolish entertained pet of music – yet alas, moving oneself is near, for time has played a petty trick on all those who were near


Time- a song that seeps through bones, bodies, hearts, swinging like a pendulum consistently


Diabolical, demonic, destructive to think otherwise




Sound of wings snapping in one fluid step, freeing and enveloping, embracing all within, devouring light and enticing life


Ba-bump Ba-Bump, Ba-bump, Ba-bump, Ba-Bump, Ba-bump, the echoing of thunder controlled and tamed under winter-skinned hands


Vivaciously, intrepid, unfettered-beating against the chains invisible to eyes


The unseen is proven to be seen, the skies cleared, sun showers, the moon hides, the clouds brighten, purple, apple scarlet, blues, yellows, orange and pinks


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