Dear Poets,

We are proud to see so many gifted young people writing poetry!  

This year we received over 2,500 entries for our 32nd Annual Young Poets Contest. The theme for 2018 was based on Walt’s theme of “Tribute.” A panel of three judges selected approximately 100 winners in 11 Categories designated by grade levels. Of the 11 categories, 6 categories represent individual writers and 5 categories represent class anthologies. 

The 6 individual categories each have a Grand Champion winner. We post the  Grand Champion’s name and winning poem on our website. Due to privacy constraints, we do not post the other winners’ names. 

We congratulate all winners for 2018!  We encourage you to participate again next year.

Thank you! Keep Writing!

Cynthia Shor
Executive Director

Grand Champions

Category A - Individual Poem - Grades 3 & 4

Bailey Brett / "Ode to the Night"

Laurel Hill School


Category B - Individual Poem - Grades 5 & 6

Boone Davis / “Times Square”

Saint Ann's School  


Category C - Individual Poem -  Grades 7 & 8

Adriana Pioli / “My Mom”

Grand Avenue Middle School

Kara Kokolakis / "The Place of Laughter and Tears"

Mount Sinai Middle School


Category D - Individual Poem - Grades 9 & 10

Katie Gozaloff / "Respect the Badge"

Sayville High School

Katriel Murphy / "The Police Officer"

Sewanhaka High School


Category E - Individual Poem - Grade 11 & 12

Sarah Lewis / “Flight Feather” 

Hall High School 


Category F - Individual Anthology 3-12

Daniella Graffeo / "Praise for the Past" 

Mount Sinai High School 


Category G - Class Anthology - Grades 3 & 4

Mrs. Shari Zindman / Tribute 

Locust Valley Intermediate School

Category H - Class Anthology - Grades 5 & 6

Ms. Linda Lebowitz / Musical Popcorn Eat Poems, Pop By Pop (Inspired by Jimi Hendrix) 

Shore Road School


Category I - Class Anthology- Grades 7 & 8

Mrs. Wallace / Tributes to Life’s Treasures, Volume One 

Mount Sinai Middle School, Grade 8, Period 3 

Mrs. Wallace / Tributes to Life’s Treasures, Volume Two 

Mount Sinai Middle School, Grade 8, Period 4 

Category J - Class Anthology - Grades 9 & 10

Mrs. April Zabinsky / Our Anthology of Tributes 

North Shore Hebrew Academy High School, Grade 9, Period 3 

Mr. Kenny / Our Tributes

W.T. Clarke High School, Grade 10, Period 1 


Category K - Class Anthology - Grades 11 & 12

Ms. Elyse Bedell / Unspeakably Perfect Miracles 

Connetquot High School 


Category L - Multi-media Grades 3-12

Mrs. Rand/ Ms. Rubenstein/ “A Child Floats Down a River of Dreams”

JFK Middle School

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