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Secondary School Grades 9-12
Create & Explore Grades 3-8
Civic Mindedness Grades 5-12
See & Touch K-2
Scout Programs

Our Educational Approach

Our educational programs offer students an interdisciplinary
experience in the core subjects of literature, language arts and history.
Programs relate directly to NYS Social Studies curriculum and enable
students to develop a greater knowledge and appreciation of Long
Island and American history. Students acquire an understanding of
words and complex texts, build awareness of language, enhance their
comprehension skills, and use various types of reasoning and systems
thinking to interpret and analyze poetry guided by our Poet Teacher.
With a knowledgeable Educator, students tour an authentically
furnished 19th century farmhouse, the Walt Whitman Birthplace.
Teachers receive a pre-visit package which includes information and a
lesson plan. Our educational approach enables students to develop,
implement and communicate new concepts of self, others, and the
world through our activities.

For more information or to make a reservation, please contact Dr. Kelly Ronayne, 631-427-5240 ext. 113 or

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