“Secondary Education Experience”

A Morning at the Walt Whitman Birthplace

Grades 9 – 12

In this secondary education program taught by a published poet, students reflect on Whitman’s poetry and analyze texts in an increasing complexity, thus building on the State standards of developing rich and flexible word knowledge. Students analyze how parts of a poem interact with each other to produce overall outcomes in the complex system of the poetry genre. Using poems of Walt Whitman and other poets, students learn how to describe the exterior world around them as well as the interior world of their feelings, and they often express in poetry what they might never express verbally. In a safe and supportive environment, students readily create an individual poem, and they are encouraged to share their poems aloud.

With a knowledgeable Educator, students take an in-depth tour – observing the historic material and architecture of an authentically furnished 19th century farmhouse, the Walt Whitman Birthplace. They enter the room in which he was born. In the modern Interpretive Center, students listen to Walt’s voice reading his poem America, watch a video and view exhibits, such as, a wall of 130 photos of Whitman and a 19th century printing press (replica of the one used by him).

Estimated time: 2.5 hours

Monday – Friday………… Minimum Fee $150

$8.50 / student……………(Sept., Dec., Jan., Feb., June)

$9.50 / student……………(Oct., Nov., Mar., Apr., May)

To register for the program, contact Carolyn Diglio at 631-427-5240, ext. 113 or email educator@waltwhitman.org

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