Children’s Masterpiece Painting Workshop: Van Gogh and Whitman

WWBA is delighted to present Virtual Children’s Masterpiece Painting Event: Vincent van Gogh & Walt Whitman an art and history program for children on Sunday, December 5th from 1:00PM to 2:00PM.

How was Vincent van Gogh inspired by Walt Whitman? Children can join an interactive art event guided by an experienced art and history instructor while learning the answer to this question and painting their own masterpiece at home!

Children will learn the history of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh and how he was inspired by American poet Walt Whitman’s poetry. Children will also create their own artwork guided by an experienced art & history teacher. Parents & grandparents are welcome to watch and guide their young artist during the event. This is a fun, memorable way for children to engage in creative learning outside of school and gives them the opportunity to create their own masterpieces!

A $15 fee is required. Register Here:

Suggested for Ages 7 and up.

Suggested supplies could range from paint to markers. Heavy weight white paper or recycled cardboard are excellent to paint on.

We do not have any affiliation with Michaels and are not promoting their products. However, we are supplying the following links as an idea of the materials to have on hand. You may acquire these products anywhere.
A paint set like this, that includes black, is recommended.
Brushes like these are recommended: