Dr. Graham Everett


Poet, professor, and publisher, Dr. Graham Everett is the founding editor of Street Magazine and Street Press. He has worked as poet-in-residence at New York area schools, prisons, and arts councils from 1974 to 1986. Dr. Everett served as the interim director of the Poetry Center at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and was a faculty member in the General Studies Program at Adelphi University.

Collections of Poetry

Ocean, Clouds, Life (private, 1969).

Sources of Hope (private, 1972).

Casting Bones from a Turtle Shell: Street Press, 1977.

Rural Gardenia: TK Press, 1977.

Nothing Left to Fake: A Great American 4 Page Novel: The Black Hole School of Poethnics, 1978.

The Trees. Port Jefferson, N.Y.: Street Press, 1978
Strange Coast. Potsdam, N.Y.: Tamarack Editions, 1979
Nightlights and Crickets (private, 1983).

The Sunlit Sidewalk. Syracuse, N.Y.: Tamarack Editions, 1985.

Minus Green. New Hampton, N.Y.: Yank This Press, 1992.

Minus Green Plus. Sound Beach,  N.Y.: Breeze/Street Press, 1995.

The Doc Fayth Poems: Street/Mongrel, 1998.

Corps Calleux: Street, 2000.

That Nod Toward Love: New Poems: Street Press, 2006.
An Incomplete Dictionary of Disappearing Things: Street, 2012

Trees. Mastic, N.Y.: Street Press, 1976

Farewell to the Decade & Liberty Avenue. Port Jefferson [NY]: Black Hole School of        Poethnics, 1980.

Letter to Everywoman. Potsdam, N.Y.: Banjo Press, 1978.

This Could Be Plutonium: Ukulele Press, 1978.

Winding the Alarm Clock. Potsdam, N.Y.: Banjo Press, 1979.
Facing 1984 (private, 1984).


Published poems by Graham Everett

1970: “In the Common,” and “The Doubting Sanctuary” in Paradox 7, Winter-Spring         1970 (p. 18).

1974: “Shaman’s Chuckle,” and “Some Examples of Our Oneness” in Empty Belly #3,         1974.

1975: “Near the Route Home,” “Under a Full Moon” in Bird Effort, Issue 1-2, 1975  (p.      22). “Hunter Visions on the Beach,” and “Exercise” in East End Anthology, 1975.
“Cornucopia” in Mr. Cogito, Volume 1, Number 3, 1975.

1976: “An Assay,” and “Long After” in Grub Street: A Collection of Verse Fiction   and Graphics, No. 5, 1976  (p. 20). “The Earth Warms Quickly in Spring” in        Mojo Navigator(e) #5, 1976 (p. 8). “Jazz” in The Voyeur, Volume 2, No. 8, August 1976 (p. 8).  “Between Beers Buddhism” in The Voyeur, Volume 2, No, 9,          September 1976  (p. 3). “Poem Seven,” in The Voyeur, Volume 2, No. 10,     October 1976 (p. 7).

1977: “Between Beers Buddhism,” Anarchy,” “Landless And” in Bird Effort, Issue 3-4        (For John Hall Wheelock), 1977 (pp. 22-23). “Standing this Land” in Wetlands,    Volume 5, Number 4, Winter 1977 (p. 28).

1978: “Sidestep,” and “For Elyse” in Risings: An Anthology, 1978 (p. 16).

1979: “Wrestling with the Muse,” in Gravida 16, 1979 (p. 5). “Claro” in San Fernando       Poetry Journal, Vol. 3, No. 3, 1979 p.28). “Reprieve in Taos,” and “Borderline      Nightmare” in Scree 11-12, Native American Issue 1979   (p. 29). “Letter to            Everywoman,” “Walking in What Were Once Woods,” These Trees are Happy            with the Rain,” “To Talk with the Tree People,” and “Night Vision” in           Tamarack, Issue 2, Spring-Summer 1979 (pp.14-18). “The Potbelly Stove” in The         Walrus Said, Volume 11, August 27, 1979 (p. 10).

1980: “No More,” and “By The Side of the Road: 1968” in Intrepid: Bill Williams and        Flossie’s Special, 39-40, 1980 (edited by Allen DeLoach)  (pp. 93-94). Questions”           in West Hills Review: A Walt Whitman Journal, Volume Two, Fall 1980 (p. 89).     “Music” in Zephyr, Volume 1, Issue 1, 1980 (p. 9).

1981: “The Pot-bellied Stove” in On Good Ground: Poems and Photographs of Eastern    Long Island. Edited by Ray Freed and Jim Tyack. NY: Street Press, 1981.

1982: “Sand on the Sidewalk,” in Poets and Artists, 1982 (p. 9). “Winding the Alarm           Clock” in Zephyr, Volume 2, Issue 1, 1982 (p. 7). “Thirteen, Full of Life” in        Wetting Our Lines Together: An Anthology of Recent North American Fishing        Poems. Edited by Allen Hoey. NY: Tamarack Press, 1982.

1983: “The Eastern Butterfly,” and “Night Returns Winter” in Bluefish, V.1, #1, Autumn      1983 (pp. 58-59). “Reincarnation is Boring” in The Cathartic, Spring 1983 (p. 4).      “MO.” in Dead Angel 4, Volume 1, Number 4, 1983 (p. 16). Exorcism” in Earth’s   Daughters, 19-20. 1983 (p. 27). “Who Doesn’t Expect Something” in Laughing         Bear, Poetry Series No. 1, 1983. “Vitality is Variety in Unity” Writings from the      Mills Pond House:1983. (p. 5-6). “The Cows are Chewing Their Barns to Pieces,”         “Crickets in February,” “Evacuate” in Rabid Chalk, edited by M. Costello (pp. 18-    20).

1984: Literary Assays by Allen DeLoach (1984) (Graham and Elyse Everett: “The Frog      and Oriental Princess,” postcard). “In the Middle is a Dream” in Zephyr, Volume           2, Issue 2, 1984 (p. 19).

1985: “And Now I’ve Done My Part,” and “Autumn Refractive” in Bluefish, V.2, #3/4,          Autumn 84/Spring 85 (p. 137). “Ritual” in Creations on Creation: A Chapbook of            Nature Poetry edited by Tom Stock, 1985 (p. 7).

1986: “Crime,” “Driving,” and “Having a Vision” in Riverrun, Spring 1986 (pp. 14, 19,        94). “Pulling the Days Together,” “Early May,” “Day/Night,” “Near hanksgiving,”    “January,” “Families at the Shore,”and “Here”in Long Island Poets. Edited by          Robert Long. NY: The Permanent Press, 1986.

1987: “So Long” in Bluefish, V.3, #5/6, Spring/Summer 1987 (p. 79). “Dead Lines” in         Brook Spring, 1987 (p. 20). “Latest Victim” in Cabaret, Volume One, Number   One, 1987. “Often”(for Logan), “August Twenty-First,” “The Spread of My             Body” Podium, V. VI, April 1987 (p. 19). “Dear Reader” in Slow Motion    Magazine, Issue 3, Spring 1987 (p. 32).

1988: “Crickets in February” in Brook Spring, 1988 (p. 7). “Owed to Fate,” in Redstart,      Vol. 2, Issue 1, 1988 (p. 54).

1989: “Break Out the Down” in Caprice, April 1989 (p. 33). “Among the Scrub Oak and    Windblown Silt” in Scrub Oak Review: The Literary Magazine of Southampton   College, 1989.

1990: “Worldly” in Brook Spring, 1990 (p. 6). “Minus Green” in Long Island Quarterly,    Spring, 1990. “The Colors This Spring” in Long Island Quarterly, Summer, 1990.            Introduction to Smoke Stack: A Collection of New Poetry, 1990.

1991: “The 92-Year-Old-Man” in Caprice, February, 1991 (p. 54). “Here” in Live Poets,     Volume 1, Issue 1, 1991 (p. 19). “Summer, Sunday Night” in Long Island Quarterly, Autumn 1991. “Daily Rounds” in Voices of the Vine, Summer 1991.

1992: “Near Thanksgiving” in Contact/II: A Poetry Review, Spring 1992 (p. 55). “New        World Order” in Live Poets, Volume 1, Issue 2, 1992 (p. 89). “Estate” in Scrub         Oak Review: The Literary Magazine   of Southampton College, 1992 (p. 34).

1993: “Eve of March Seventh,” Against The Powers That Be,” “Outside Bohemia,” and        “Along Route 25A” in 4X4, Fall, 1993. “Two-Car Marriage” in Caprice, March           1993 (p. 38).

1994: Poems for David Ignatow. Edited by Robert Long. NY: Canio’s Editions, 1994.
            In Autumn. Edited by George Wallace. NY: Birnham Wood Graphics, 1994.

1996: “In Reply” in Caprice, January 1996 (p. 13). “The Colors This Spring”in Dumb       Beautiful Ministers. Selected by William Heyen. NY: Birnham Wood Graphics,          1996.

1997: “Breaking Quiet Desperation” in Asinine Poetry, Numero Uno, Spring 1997.

1998: “That Close” in Asinine Poetry, Issue No. 2, Spring 1998. “Break Out the Down” in Cocodrilo, Vol. I., No.1, Fall 1998. “High KU” in Asinine Poetry, Issue No. 5,     Summer 1998.

1999: “Breaking Quiet Desperation” reprinted in Asinine Poetry: Collectors’ Edition,           Spring 1999.

2005: “Harvesting Flesh,” and “The Future” in Mind Gorilla, Volume 1, Issue No. 9,           December 2005 (p. 4). “Tacit No More,” “Human History,” and “Mostly”         in         Long Island Sounds, 2005: An Anthology of   Poetry from Maspeth to Montauk.      Edited by Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan and Gail Koop. NY: The           North Sea Poetry         Scene Press, 2005. “It Was Some Night,” and “Orpheus in Squirrel Stance” in         Asinine Love Poetry. NY: AsininePoetry.com, 2005.

2006: “Early Thaw,” “Resolutions,” “So Much for Human Desire,” and “Winter’s    Discontent,” in Long Island Sounds 2006: An Anthology of Poetry from Maspeth          to Montauk and Beyond (pp. 55-56). “An Elegy Toward Happiness,” “This             Started Out Being About You,” and “Last Two Weeks Before Summer” in The          Light of City and Sea: An Anthology of Suffolk County Poetry. Edited by Daniel       Thomas Moran et al. Street Press, 2006.

2007: “Old Truths” in Swansea Poetry Magazine, Issue Six. Summer, 2007 (p. 40). “3        Post Cards,” “Breaking Pattern,” “Honu,” “Sonata,” and “The Task” in Long             Island Sounds 2007: An Anthology of Poetry from Maspeth to Montauk and            Beyond. Edited by Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan et al. (pp. 99-103).

2008: “Latest Victim” in The Lineup: Poems on Crime. Edited by Gerald So, et al. (p. 7).

“Full Circle,” “Bonus Time,” and “A Hackneyed Yet Gentle Reminder” in Long     Island Sounds 2008:   An Anthology of Poetry from Maspeth to Montauk and   Beyond. Edited by Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan et al. (pp. 289-291).

2009: 14 poems in Paumanok/Long Island: Poems and Pictures. Edited by Kathaleen         Donnely. “A Zendo Date with Elizabeth Satori,” and “Sayonara” in Writing            Outside the Lines. Edited by Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan and Peter V. Dugan. Wild       Side Press, 2009.

Published Articles

“A Reading of Walt Whitman’s ‘Give Me The Splendid Silent Sun,'” in West Hills   Review: A Walt Whitman Journal, Volume Eight, 1988 (pp. 105-111)
“Yes, How Strange Life’s Venture: Comments on John Hall Wheelock’s Dear Men and      Women.” North Atlantic Review, 1990.
“Emerging Meaning: Reading as a Process.” Teaching in the 21st Century. Alice     Robertson and Barbara Smith, Eds. NY: Falmer Press, 1999.

Co-edited Published Anthologies

Paumanok Rising: An Anthology of Eastern Long Island Aesthetics. Edited by Vince   Clemente and Graham Everett. NY: Street Press, 1982.
Writing Workshop Anthology No. 1. Edited by Allen Planz and Graham Everett.    Backstreet Editions, 1982.
The Light of City and Sea: An Anthology of Suffolk County Poetry. Edited by Daniel     Thomas Moran et al. Street Press, 2006.

Books Published by Graham Everett – Street Press

Necessary Lies, Ray Freed
Short Circuits, Dan Murray
Street of Lost Fools, Jack Micheline
Rented Tuxedo, Jim Tyack
Laurie’s Songs, R.B. Weber
Release The Breathless, Bonnie Gordon
Sea Story, C.B. Fleming
Here & There, Claire Nicolas White
Shinnecock Bay, Ray Freed
Trees, Graham Everett
Poems From The Island, Jonathan Cohen
Dead Reckoning, Ron Overton
Locating Positions, Joy Walsh
Moom, Ray Freed
Arriving on Paumanok, Norbert Krapf
Village Vignettes, Michael Braude
Cedar Light, Allen Hoey
She, Lucille Quinitchette
Chunderhara, Allen Planz
Getting Out of Town, Robert Long
From This Book of Praise, Vince Clemente
Poems From The Xenia Hotel, R.B. Weber
In Chontales, Richard Elman
Just As The Boy Dreams…, Michelle Cusumano
Casting Bones From A Turtle Shell, Graham Everett
Paumanok Rising, Eds.,Vince Clemente and Graham Everett
On Good Ground, Eds, Ray Freed and Jim Tyack
Shinneck Bay & Boston Poems, Homer Lawrence
What It Is, Robert Long
Childhood In Reno, Bonnie Gordon
Surf Club, Edward Harsen
The Fishing-Print Poems, R.B. Weber
Lightouch, Bud Navero
My 187th Birthday Party, Michael Braude
Much Cry, Little Wool, Ray Freed
Endless Staircase, Sandy McIntosh
Hulalali Poems, Ray Freed
Limousine To Nowhere, Jim Tyack
None of This Is On The Map, Dan Murray
Minus Green Plus, Graham Everett
Fandango, Marge Miller
On Boca Ciega Bay, Thomas Duddy
Pat Sonnets, Max Wickert
All Horses Are Flowers, Ray Freed
The Doc Fayth Poems, Ed., Graham Everett
Corps Calleux, Graham Everett
Regarding The Snow, Thomas Duddy
From Willow Pond to Hilo, Daniel Thomas Moran
Brooklyn Born, Lenny Greco
World Trade Center Poems, Fred Byrnes
The Bitter & The Sweet, Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan
The Light of City and Sea, Eds., Daniel Thomas Moran et al.
Let Me Tell You Something, Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan
That Nod Toward Love, Graham Everett
Part Mirth, Part Murder, Dan Giancola
Artifacts of Sound, Annabelle Moseley
Creaturely Drift, Allen Planz
Still Life, Annabelle Moseley
Stopping In Front of The Chelsea, Fred Byrnes
The Delaney, Annabelle Moseley
Sicilian Rhapsody, Leonard Greco
Silver Fish, Ray Freed
The Space Between, George Dorsty
Data Error, Dan Giancola
An Incomplete Dictionary of Disappearing Things, Graham Everett
Living with Others, Graham Everett

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Street Magazine

Volume One
Issue One: Premier Issue (1972?)
Issue Two; Kids’ Poems
Issue Three: American Politics/Male & Female (artwork by Van Howell)
Issue Four: Kerouac

Volume Two
Issue One: Long Island Issue
Issue Two: Collage/Workshop Poetry Issue, Guest Editor: R.B. Weber
Issue Three: South American Poetry Issue, Guest Editor: Jonathan Cohen
Issue Four: Beat/Energy

Volume Three
Issue One
Issue Two: Humor/Parody Issue, Guest Editor: Jim Tyack
Issue Three: Woman’s Issue, Guest Editor: Claire Nicolas White
Issue Four – unpublished

Digital Issues

1. Spring/Summer 2007
2. Autumn 2007
3. Summer 2008
4. Winter 2008-2009
5. Winter 2010-2011
6. Summer 2011
9. Autumn 2013


Artist at Work Series

Michael Calabrese, Abstract Expressionist

Graham Everett, Constructionist

Jim Tyack, Artist

Robert White: The Body Electric, Sculptor

Janene Gentile, Expressionist

Ray Freed, Poet

Brian Mullahy: Furniture as Art. Woodworker


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