September 24, 2020
6:30 PM EST

Event Description:

Poetry reading with Bri Onishea, social worker and friend to the arts.

Event Video Link:

WWBA is delighted to present a poetry reading with Bri Onishea. Bri opens her thoughts, emotions, and memories to the audience in such a way that she opens the audience at the same time. Bri’s words are a journey through self-discovery, a triumph against fear, and a declaration of survival. Join us for an illuminating reading!

Bri Onishea is a collection of mismatched socks. A social worker by day, and a poet by night, Bri has performed her work throughout Long Island and parts of New York City since 2014. She has been published in Suffolk County Poetry Review, Xanadu Poetry, Cagibi Literary Journal, Great Weather for Media: Before Passing, and I Want You To See This Before I Leave. She spends her free time staring lovingly at her collection of books, and enjoys cemeteries far more than any reasonable person should. Bri’s poetry not only locates the amorphous veil between our conscious thought and our well of emotion, it dances freely there as if it had always belonged. She can be found on Cuckoo Clock Heart on Facebook, or @briniroselove on Instagram.