Imagining Whitman in Stony Brook Village Tour

PhD Candidate Andrew Rimby leads
Imagining Whitman in Stony Brook Village, A Walt Whitman-Themed Walking Tour
An In-Person or Virtual Experience
Sunday, October 10th, 2021 1:00 – 2:30PM EST

WWBA is delighted to present “Imagining Whitman in Stony Brook Village,” A Walt Whitman-Themed Walking Tour led by PhD Candidate Andrew Rimby. For this tour, you are invited to see Eastern Long Island through Whitman’s eyes. Before exploring the quaintness and tranquility of Stony Brook Village, allow yourself to be transported back to the 19th century when Whitman traveled throughout his native Long Island, both as a boy and as an adult. Whitman exhales Long Island as…

“Sea-beauty! stretch’d and basking!
One side thy inland ocean laving, broad, with copious commerce, steamers, sails,
And one the Atlantic’s wind caressing, fierce or gentle—mighty
hulls dark-gliding in the distance.
Isle of sweet brooks of drinking-water—healthy air and soil!
Isle of the salty shore and breeze and brine!” (Paumanok, 1888)

This event is open to everyone with a $5 suggested donation:


Participants will explore Stony Brook Village’s 19th century sights including the historic schoolroom, barn, and the William Sidney Mount house – all part of Whitman’s Long Island. The purpose of this tour is to explore a preserved area that captures the countryside of Long Island in the 19th century.

Andrew Rimby is a Ph.D. Candidate in the English department at Stony Brook University. He researches nineteenth-century American and Victorian literature from a queer trans-Atlantic perspective. He is the 2019 inaugural recipient of the Guiliano Global Fellowship which allowed him to go to the British Library, in July, to look at the Lady Eccles Oscar Wilde collection. He is a 2019-2020 Public Humanities Fellow and a 2019 Stony Brook Graduate Fellow in the Arts, Humanities, and Lettered Social Sciences.