At a town meeting held April 1, 1668, the first notice of the Whitman family in West Hills is noted.

“Also it was voted and agreed the same day that Joseph Whitman shall take up ten or twelve acres of land on the west side of the south path on the hether side of Samuell Ketchams hollow, it being toward his second division.”

The “south path” mentioned is New York Avenue south of Jericho Turnpike, and “Samuel Ketchams hollow” is present day Melville.

In a deed dated March 7, 1700, we find our first clue to the “genealogy” of most of the Whitman homes in West Hills.

“Between Joseph Whitman and Nathaniel and Zebulon Whitman, sons of the aforesaid Joseph Whitman, by and with the approbation and consent of Sarah, his wife. Consideration…a reasonable sum. Two home lots, the one of which is the lot I now live on with my house (Whitman–Carll House) and barn, orchard, fences, the said doth to the same belongs, I sell to my son, Zebulon Whitman, the said other lot I sell to my son, Nathaniel Whitman (Whitman–Place House), and my son Samuel Whitman’s lot (Whitman–White House).”

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