The Manhattan Prophet

The Manhattan Prophet
By Jack Packard
*signed by Author

Set in the near future in New York City, The Manhattan Prophet picks up in a world where the doomsayers’ predictions have come true, where a limited nuclear exchange between the West and radical Islam has traumatized society and left civilization in a new Dark Age.

All mankind watches as young Salem Jones emerges from his lifelong home at Rikers Island Prison, where he started a global spiritual movement in an attempt to spread a message of faith to the downcast surviving billions. Those living in fear and squalor meet the Manhattan Prophet with hope, but the threatened totalitarian governments, international corporations, and private militaries persecute Salem, declaring him a fraud and a terrorist. Beautiful TV journalist Maria Primera, from the privileged side of society, is on a mission to be the first to interview Salem. She is joined in a transformational journey by an unlikely love interest, Herbie Lipton, her brilliant techie, whose haunting family history begins with a rock-and-roll past and ends up holding the key to all humanity’s redemption. Maria and Herbie take to the streets with Salem and his apostles in an all-out war of good vs. evil, one full of surprises and miracles.


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