Print of Walt Whitman Birthplace by G. Withers (unframed)



This print was illustrated by George Withers. Mr. Withers resided near the Whitman Birthplace and often used this pastoral view while drawing. His illustrious career in illustration spanned from 1933 to 1959. During this time, he worked in advertising agencies and freelanced, creating drawings for companies like AT&T, Ford Motor Company, Maxwell House Coffee, Fleishmann’s Yeast, Arrow Shirts, Ivory Snow, New York Life and Pepsi. He illustrated stories in magazines for J.D. Salinger, John D. MacDonald, Robert Ruark, Norman Katov and Margaret Fishbach. During WWII, Mr. Withers was stationed in the European Theater of Operations under General Eisenhower. His art was published in “Stars and Stripes, “Army Talks” and “Overseas Women.” He painted portraits for Generals Ike and Lucius Clay.