Home for Love by John Frederick Freeman

Because the earth is vast and dark
    And wet and cold;
    Because man’s heart wants warmth and light
    Lest it grow old;

    Therefore the house was built–wall, roof
    And brick and beam,
    By a lost hand following the lost
    Delight of a dream,

    And room and stair show how that hand
    Groped in eager doubt,
    With needless weight of teasing timber
    Matching his thought–

    Such fond superfluousness of strength
    In wall and wood
    As his half-wise, half-fearful eye
    Deemed only good.

    His brain he built into the house,
    Laboured his bones;
    He burnt his heart into the brick
    And red hearth-stones.

    It is his blood that makes the house
    Still warm, safe, bright,
    Honest as aim and eye and hand,
    As clean, as light.

    Because the earth is vast and dark
    The house was built–
    Now with another heart and fire
    To be fulfilled.