July 24, 2023
July 30, 2023
11:00 AM EST
3:00 PM EST
Children 15 and under free with adult admission

Event Description:

The Hogwarts Express is making a special journey this July to the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association. This Harry Potter-themed tour takes place in the home Walt Whitman himself was born on May 31, 1819 (come to think of it, Walt does look suspiciously like Dumbledore, doesn’t he?). The house has Quidditch brooms, the “real leaky cauldron”, Flourish and Blott’s books, “The other Mirror of Erised”, and a Vanishing Cabinet to name a few! Take a trip up the Weasley family’s staircase and peer into the creepy attic.

Answer questions on the Harry Potter series as you go, to earn a certificate and bag of Walt Whit’s Beans, and learn from Walt’s own sorting hat which House you belong in! Bring in your poem about Harry Potter and we’ll display it!

We solemnly swear you will have a great time!