Chopin’s Piano

Chopin’s Piano
By Charles Adés Fishman

Though taking place over a half century ago, the horrors of the Holocaust and Hiroshima become as alive as yesterday’s rain in Mr. Fishman’s able depictions based on the testimony, witness, memory of those with a terrible knowledge and experience. Humanity’s brutality is also explored in the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, the death of Lorca, and violence in the Holy Land. Grim subjects all. The art is in the telling: a simple declarative tone mixed with vivid imagery; a style of calculation: dare to turn your face and heart away while the poet rivets you with a storyteller’s skill. —Iconoclast

Chopin’s Piano is not a book for poets and poetry lovers only. This is a book that should be read in schools, in libraries, in museums, and in the sanctuary of our homes. It’s a book that should be carried around in the halls of academia; it’s a book that should be absorbed carefully and then discussed amongst scholars, teachers, musicians, artists, attorneys, architects, bakers, doctors, inventors; and, let us not forget, the survivors, because this is a book about all of these people from all walks of life who made up the Holocaust victims….This is truly the best book of poetry I have read in years; it is so telling and beautiful. -Mia Jones, editor of Tryst Magazine

The poems in Charles Fishman’s newest collection, Chopin’s Piano, reflect the poet’s fierce determination to look into the eyes of evil. These poems take on the past, facing historical and cultural demons, and thereby dare the reader to do the same….For this reader, Chopin’s Piano is an ‘offering of refuge’ in the landscape of contemporary poetry. It comes wholeheartedly recommended.
-Lois Roma-Deeley, 
The Pedestal Magazine

Publisher: Time Being Books; 1st edition (February 1, 2006)
Language: ‎English
Paperback: ‎111 pages
ISBN: 9781568091044


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