Framing Memories

Framing Memories
By Mario Susko

“A must read for anyone interested in the aftermath of war and the unending need to reconstruct, or those merely interested to read superb poetry.”
-Pual Sutherland

“This is a work of delicacy and brutal fact, of poetic preciseness and logic, and, at the same time, of illogic and absurdity. It is an elegy, a requiem, and yet it is always about life, living and the things of existence.”
-Robert Karmon

“Susko leaves his readers with no easy answers. We must weigh dozens of opposing concepts in our own minds, and decide for ourselves what to keep and what to let go, to construct a self-defined sense of security in a disquieting world…. It is a small comfort, but at least it is a real one. Mario Susko’s poems make no false promises, but instead offer authentic experiences and, yes, pleasures”
-Amy Schrader.

“Mario Susko is the most intelligent and passionate poet alive today.”
-Alan Corkish

Publisher: Harbor Mountain Press (June 1, 2011)
Language: ‎English
Paperback: ‎84 pages
ISBN: 9780981556062


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