Omega’s Garden

Omega’s Garden
By Rosalind Brenner

The poems in this chapbook ruminate on loss, on broken relationships with family, lovers, and the self but look to the natural world for hope and redemption.

“You do not want to miss this book’s intense language, its extraordinary original imagery and the rawness of Omega’s Garden’s situations. The diction is compelling—earth’s destruction: ‘…screaming fish, / mired birds’ / beaks glued shut.’ War: ‘…not rain / shards of mirror / fall from the sky fall / through earth / a failure of belief…’ Colloquially about broken love: ‘…he cups her breasts /with those hands I’ve loved for years.’ A book for the leading ranks of American poetry.”
—Maxwell CorydonWheat, Jr., First Poet Laureate, Nassau County, New York

“Rosalind Brenner’s poems look to the natural world for redemption. Many are tuned to a stuttering rhythm that both displays her gift for description and befits the broken human relationships this book examines: ‘green life lambent sun salt air’ sound just lovely; and then: ‘In a shapely V / the geese leave / too.’ Throughout, a first-person speaker learns, again and again, that ‘I slept with a thing I misconstrued / as tenderness.’”
—Julie Sheehan, Professor, Creative Writing, MFA, Stony Brook Southampton

Publisher: Finishing Press (2012)
Language: ‎English
Paperback: ‎25 pages
ISBN: 9781622291083

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