primal sanities!

primal sanities! A Tribute to Walt Whitman; an Anthology of Poems and Essays
Edited by Mankh (Walter E. Harris III) and Geaorge Wallace

Contemporary poems and essays for, to, about, referencing, riffing off of, contemplating, mimicking, attempting to define, embrace, even call to task, and otherwise sit down and have a meal and a drink with Long Island born and world renowned… Walt Whitman. 43 contributors, plus Whitman. Essay titles include– Poets to Come: Teaching Whitman in High School; Walt Whitman’s Natural Resources; Starting From Sewanacky. Poems are a blend of tribute, nature, history, humor, and more. This anthology includes work by several Long Island poet laureates, and two poems in Spanish by Dominican Republic writer Pedro Mir, translations by Jonathan Cohen.


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