Small Sightings

Small Sightings
By Linda Elena Opyr

“Here are poems that seek to fill “the space between you and them.” They are compelling in their brevity, as in the “Prayer to a surgeon,” in which a woman senses she has allowed herself to be lowered into “dreamless dark.” Poem after poem treads the edge between personal and the transpersonal, the past and our present struggles. Thank Linda Opyr for guiding us across the tenuous distances in our lives.”
-David B. Axelrod

“Linda Opyr presses us against the remotest, most intimate walls of life, restoring for us their elusive solidarity. “I will be the question you are about to ask/when the rain begins to fall.” Again and again, in these pages, Opyr proves herself such an oracle of the deep inward spaces; reading her is a revelation of what we did not know we knew.”
-Christopher Noël

“Linda Opyr speaks with a fresh yet familiar voice, that of a woman, living her life. Her poems, funny, thoughtful, angry, grieving, map her struggle to stay present, “awake” to a difficult, amazing world. They hum with tension between what she wonders and what she knows. “Remember” is her talisman, the smooth stone she carries through bright and shadowy countries. But what excites me most about these poems is their questions, and how they feed, like deer in “Possession,” on what is out of sight. They don’t pretend to have answers, but hold the place where an answer could happen. The vision in “Small Sightings” is not small at all.”
-Diane Swan

Publisher: Birnham Wood Graphics (1996)
Language: ‎English
Paperback: ‎32 pages
ISBN: 9781878173454


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