Spirits and Oxygen

Spirits and Oxygen
By Yolanda Coulaz

Spirits and Oxygen is a book of many pleasures. Coulaz’s knack for deft story telling, her down-to-earth, bitter-sweet wit and sense of verbal play brings us ‘Influenza,’ ‘Latino Legacy,’ and ‘These Are the Times’ but a few of the many poems and their variety of forms that win us over. Her poetry takes on the grand themes of love, death, time and the soothing virtues of nature, generously inviting us into a world that lingers in memory.”
-Colette Inez, author of Clemency

“There is a winning honesty in the poems of Yolanda Coulaz, and a directness of expression which compels us to confront experience in present tenses. We are guided by her heart’s compass through pain and confusion to a place of transcendence and wonder. A compelling debut.”
-George Wallace, Suffolk County Poet Laureate 2003-2004, author of Swimming through Water

“Her poetry pulsates with passion. There is a youthful exuberance and a seasoned suffering. From poem to poem we await some explosion of the joy promised between the lines. Hers is the refreshing voice of a woman who knows and has experienced nature and life intimately.”
-Anna DiBella, author of Half Moons and Falling Stars

Publisher: Purple Sage Press (January 1, 2003)
Language: English
Paperback: 141 pages
ISBN: 9780974001104


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