Search for Oz

Search for Oz
By Richard Bronson

A collection of new poems as well as those that have appeared in literary and medical journals.

“To read the poetry of Richard Bronson is to discover anew that there are messages everywhere in the contemporary world…Bronson invites us to unmask with him, in this world we all pass through, what is timeless and terrifying and impassioned and true.” –George Wallace, the Suffolk County Poet Laureate 2003 – 2005

“Today’s doctors often appear detached and cold, cerebral rather than caring. Not so with Richard Bronson, a fine physician-poet whose compassionate heart energizes the poems in ‘Search for Oz’…Bronson combines the precise craftsmanship one would expect of a surgeon with the passion of a man who remains open to his own feelings and those of others.” –Jack Coulehan, author of “Chekov’s Doctors” and “Medicine Stone”

“Dr. Bronson writes with a physician’s intimacy about illness and the body. His dense, literary verse references everyone from Vasari to Don Corleone, seeks wizardry in a hostile Manhattan, and offers a sextet of lilac-scented love poems.” –Chromogram


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