Invisible Keys

The Invisible Keys: New and Selected Poems
By David Cope

The news that stays news is the modus operandi…. Bracing, smart, tight, perfectly greased works, luminous and poignant by turn. I enjoy Cope’s stretch from familial to sublime and his consummate poet’s generous heart.
-Anne Waldman

David Cope’s poetry reaches into true silence and from that place within himself derives its indelible sanity of gothic dreams, direct musicality, sustained multiple resonance, objective heart, vernacular ear. His work is a paradox of detached lyricism confronting the abuses of his soul.
-Jim Cohn

It is with passion, honesty, a commitment to history, and an investment to be understood not only by his contemporaries but by generations to come, that Cope effortlessly pulls the reader in with his descriptive language on this journey with him through history.
-Hong Sun

Publisher: Ghost Pony Press (2017)
Language: ‎English
Paperback: ‎112 pages
ISBN: 9780941160186


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