Walt Whitman’s Guide to Manly Health & Training

Walt Whitman’s Guide to Manly Health & Training
By Walt Whitman; Penguin Random House

A giftable, illustrated collection of quotes and pithy advice–equal parts self-help and grooming guide–by quintessential American poet and writer Walt Whitman.

In 1858, famed American author Walt Whitman penned a series of newspaper columns under a pseudonym on the subject of “manly health and training,” shortly before his landmark third edition of Leaves of Grass was published. Recently discovered for the first time in 150 years, the fascinating manifesto contains the renowned poet’s advice and musings on topics such as diet, exercise, grooming, alcohol, dancing, sports, and more. This short collection presents more than 75 of his best quips, quotes, and extracts on healthy living, all in Whitman’s signature lyrical prose style.

Publisher: Ten Speed Press (April 04, 2017)
Language: ‎English
Hardcover: ‎128 pages
ISBN: 0399579486


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