Sheltered by Islands

Sheltered by Islands: New and Selected Poems 1985-1995
By Daniel Thomas Moran

Ready for the millennium, Dan Moran knows the hard passage of his immigrant ancestors and accepts the risk-taking route of his always future poetic voyage. Omnivorously American, he has digested without fear a father’s lullaby, a soldier’s rhymed despair, a big city’s jazz, Massapequa’s secret cacophony, and God’s rolling laugh on Abraham. Moving forward from his heritage of the Beat homage to the texture of reality and the Romantic will to imagine, he courses confidently through the deserts of everyday, scooping up “sharks and Elvis”, “tin men and popes,” admonishing us that “too much time is spent studying darkness.” With Moran’s moral voice as a guide, the reader will discover truth as an island sheltered by dreams.
Viginia Walker, poet

Dan Moran’s penetrating poems – eulogies, elegies, celebrations of life – come to us as welcome insights, surprises of vision, all couched in a simple but precise language. They live and take their delight in both sincerity and perplexity – and they remind us, as Chaucer did, that it’s perfectly all right for poetry, on some occasions, to be hilariously funny.
Philip Appleman, poet

The poems in Sheltered by Islands have humor, strong stories with interesting characters, and elegant yet understandable language. How do “you” spell refreshing?
James Genovese, playwright

Publisher: D.T. Moran; 1st edition (January 1, 1995)
Language: ‎English
Paperback: ‎95 pages
ISBN: 9780962922121


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